What Does a Wealth Manager Do?

What Does a Wealth Manager Do?

Wondering what a wealth manager does, and whether you might need one? At Harpur Wealth Management we spend a good deal of time talking to potential clients about the ways in which we can advise on their finances, help them to plan for the future, and reduce the time-consuming work involved in managing their assets.


If you’re considering whether or not to engage a Wealth Manager, we’ve created a brief guide to the range of services they offer to help you with your decision.

When to Engage a Wealth Manager?

Clients usually engage a Wealth Manager when they have sizeable assets and would like to see their money working harder for them through the use of investments. A Wealth Manager will help you to define your financial goals and select the appropriate products in order to meet them. They will ensure that your wealth works to fulfil its potential and remains closely aligned to your goals.


What Services Does a Wealth Manager Offer?

Wealth Management will often involve the use of a number of services, in order to achieve your financial goals. These include:


1. Balancing Savings and Investments

The strategies and advice offered by Wealth Managers is bespoke to the unique circumstances and objectives of each client. Wealth Management aims to balance savings and investments in alignment with your goals. The balance of your personalised portfolio can be adjusted as your circumstances change and your assets increase.


2. Pension Benefits

A Wealth Manager will be able to advise you on how to maximise the advantages your pensions can offer. High earners can potentially benefit from a higher or additional rate of tax relief. It is also possible to replace your workplace pension with a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) which allows you to save and invest within a pension ‘wrapper’.


3. Business Finances

If you own a business there’s a number of ways that a Wealth Manager can help to optimise its personal value to you. Working alongside your accountant, they can advise you on the best way to take an income and invest your assets. A Wealth Manager will also offer guidance on protection insurance to guard against business interruption, loss of key personnel, supply chain breakdown, and legal costs.


4. Estate Planning

Planning for how to manage your inheritance needs to begin many years in advance. A Wealth Manager will help by strategically reducing your taxable estate, whilst leaving you with the assets you require to maintain your lifestyle. The aim of estate planning is to ensure that your beneficiaries won’t be left with a large tax bill to pay.

Ready to Work With A Wealth Manager?

Wealth Management benefits anyone who has a clear financial goal they want to pursue. It could be a retirement dream, paying for your children’s education, or growing your business. Harpur Wealth Management helps by creating and managing a financial plan that will take you from where you are now to the successful achievement of your goals.

Wondering how a wealth manager can help you? Book a free consultation with Harpur Wealth. Call us on 01234 924620 or contact us online.


This article is for information only and must not be considered as financial advice. We always recommend that you seek independent financial advice before making any financial decisions.


The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount invested.


‘The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation advice’

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