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Our team of wealth management advisors has one goal, which is to support our Cardington clients in the achievement of their goals. Our skilled team of advisors will help you to navigate the complexities of savings, investments and insurance. Whether your focus is your family, your business, or both, we provide expert advice and strategic planning.

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Pension Planning
Our financial advisors work with you on the creation of a long-term saving plan to ensure that you have the money you need when you get to retirement. We help you to make the future you want. Learn More
Key Man Insurance
Would your business find it disruptive, or even devastating, to lose a key employee? Key Man insurance is designed to cover profit losses, and fund the recruitment and replacement process. Learn More
Retirement Planning
Harper Wealth Management advisors advise you on the actions and decisions to take in order to achieve your retirement income goals. We’re here to help you achieve your financial objectives. Learn More
Business Investment

The Harpur Wealth team can offer guidance on the best options for investment of any medium to long-term savings your business has with the aim of maximising those returns for you. Learn More

Financial Services

Everything we do is tailored to you

Personalised Financial Services

The Expert​ Wealth Management Company

Personal Investment

A long-term, personalised approach to achieving your financial goals

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Business Investment

Tailored employee benefit schemes and investment strategies

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Wealth Management Partners

Tax planning, probate, charity and trust investments

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The Harpur Wealth Management team in Cardington delivers exceptional service to their clients. The financial advice we provide is based on our understanding of your goals, and the level of risk that you are happy with. We’ll also talk you through the kinds of opportunities and investments that you would be willing to consider.


Every Harpur Wealth client has a wealth management advisor. We take care to choose an advisor with the expertise that best suits the client. Your advisor will talk through your financial goals in detail, before developing detailed strategies. Clients are guaranteed access to the most current financial advice and products, and specialist guidance that is available when you need it.

Financial Advisors in Cardington

Bespoke financial guidance for Cardington clients

A wealth management team offering exceptional service

At Harpur Wealth experience has taught us that successful financial strategies are predicated upon a detailed understanding of our clients. We’ll take time to get to know you, therefore. We’ll talk through your priorities and your goals, which helps us to understand the returns you require.


Our financial advisors provide bespoke financial planning strategies which are carefully designed to secure the financial future our clients desire. These are always accompanied by a detailed commentary demonstrating the ways in which the strategy is aligned to your goals.


The world is an unpredictable place. Whilst it’s impossible to eliminate risk from our lives, our wealth management advisors find ways to reduce its potential impact. Clients are invited to attend regular review meetings to ensure that your circumstances remain aligned with your strategy.

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We create bespoke financial strategies tailored for you


Harpur Wealth Management have worked with clients throughout Cardington and elsewhere, including: Bedford, Shortstown, Biggleswade, Great Barford, Dead Man’s Cross, Upper Caldecote, Sandy, Kempston, Willington and Ravensden

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