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The friendly team at Harpur Wealth Management are ready to start work on achieving your financial goals. Whether you need help with retirement planning, business investment, or a mixture of both, the financial advisors in Bromham can help. Our goal is to create the financial outcomes you desire.

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Key Man Insurance
If a key employee leaves the business, or has to take time off, the impact can be immense. Key Man Insurance helps you to weather the storm by providing cover for recruitment, or stopgap cover. Learn More
Retirement Planning
Whatever your dream retirement looks like, we’ll help you make it a reality. A financial advisor will help you to create a financial plan that gets you from where you are now to where you want to be. Learn More
Personal/Business Protection
Many of our clients appreciate the peace of mind that comes from protecting their income, their business, or their property. Harpur Wealth Management helps you find the right products. Learn More
Pension Planning
Finding the right pension to match your personal goals can be bewildering and time-consuming. Our wealth advisors have the experience and skills to find the appropriate products for your needs. Learn More

Financial Services

Everything we do is tailored to you

Personalised Financial Services

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Personal Investment

A long-term, personalised approach to achieving your financial goals

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Business Investment

Tailored employee benefit schemes and investment strategies

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Wealth Management Partners

Tax planning, probate, charity and trust investments

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At Harpur Wealth Management in Bromham we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive range of financial services and consultation. The detailed advice and guidance we offer clients includes estate and tax planning, investment management, and retirement planning. Rather than leaving anything to chance, let Harpur Wealth Management take care of your finances.


Our financial advisors offer clients personalised advice on managing existing investments, and planning for the future. It is our business to study the financial markets, so that we can offer informed, up-to-date guidance on products, investments, savings and protection.

Financial Advisors in Bromham

How Harpur Wealth Management, Based in Bromham, Works With You

Harpur Wealth financial guidance, tailored to individual clients

Wealth Management thrives on a detailed understanding of our clients. That’s why we take our time getting to know the people we’re offering advice and guidance to, in order that we can offer a personalised plan to secure their future.

Our team of experienced financial advisors will develop a detailed strategy, tailored to the future you desire. This is supplemented with a detailed commentary outlining the ways in which the strategy aligns with your goals.

Life is full of surprises – some good, some bad. We can’t change that for our Bromham clients, but we can ensure that we’re prepared for all eventualities. Regular review meetings allow us to adjust your strategy where necessary in ways that will best serve your long-term goals.

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We create bespoke financial strategies tailored for you


Harpur Wealth Management have worked with clients throughout Bromham and elsewhere, including: Box End, Biddenham, Oakley, Bedford, Kempston, Clapham, Wootton, Stagsden, Bridge End and Stevington

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