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At Harpur Wealth Management our aim is to help you use your wealth to enhance your life, your business, and the lives of your loved ones. We offer specialist guidance on investments, pension planning, insurance and strategies for your retirement. Our goal is always to use your assets to create the future you desire.

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Inheritance Tax
Inheritance tax could land your family with a huge bill to pay on your estate. Harpur Wealth Management advisors help clients to structure their assets in such a way to ensure that the tax bill is reduced, or eliminated. Learn More
Intergenerational Wealth Planning
Families are now a complex network of generations, and the youngest amongst them is likely to need help to buy a home, or start a business. Intergenerational planning allows you to pass on your wealth when it’s most needed. Learn More
Estate Planning

Many of our clients want to know that their family will make the best use of the legacy that is left to them. Estate planning is a way of ensuring that your wishes will be carried out, and your family is provided for. Learn More

Retirement Planning
We’re retiring earlier, and expecting more of our retirement. Harpur Wealth financial advisors will help you to plan for the retirement you want. We’ll work from your current financial situation to create a plan that gets you to your goal. Learn More

Financial Services

Everything we do is tailored to you

Personalised Financial Services

The Expert​ Wealth Management Company

Personal Investment

A long-term, personalised approach to achieving your financial goals

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Business Investment

Tailored employee benefit schemes and investment strategies

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Wealth Management Partners

Tax planning, probate, charity and trust investments

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At Harpur Wealth Management we believe in providing a personalised service for our clients. This means that the strategies, planning and advice we offer are tailored specifically to the circumstances and goals of each client.


Every Harpur Wealth client is provided a personal wealth management advisor. This is someone who will work closely with you to create a bespoke plan, based on your requirements. It’s also the person you’ll contact if you have any queries, or need to adapt your strategy. All our Bedfordshire clients are given expert guidance that is available when they need it.

financial planning advice in Bedfordshire

Working With Harpur Wealth Management in Bedfordshire

The guidance and strategies we provide are tailored to the specific requirements of our individual clients.

At Harpur Wealth we start by getting to know our clients. Learning about your family, your business and your financial goals helps us in our task of securing your long-term future.


Financial advisors at Harpur Wealth Management will provide a comprehensive explanation of how our strategy is tailored to your goals.


Time passes and circumstances change. Your wealth management advisor will schedule review meetings periodically to check in, and make any adjustments to your strategy if required.

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We create bespoke financial strategies tailored for you


Harpur Wealth Management have worked with clients throughout Bedfordshire, including: Bedford, Luton, Clapham, Bromham, Biggleswade, Kempston, Dunstable, Woburn, Sandy and Barton-le-Clay

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