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More and more people are now enjoying a longer retirement; for many it’s an opportunity to travel, or pursue a lifelong ambition. It’s important, therefore, to ensure that you have the finances in place to enjoy this third stage of your life. Harpur Wealth Management works with people of all ages on personal pension planning. Why not invest in your future today?

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Retirement Planning
Planning to travel, learn new skills or volunteer for a cause close to your heart once you retire? The Harpur Wealth Management team help you to realise your desires by creating a financial strategy to fund your retirement. Learn More
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Future planning allows you to decide how your estate will be divided after you’re gone, and ensures that your family are well provided for. Estate planning provides peace of mind concerning how your inheritance is used. Learn More
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Families are increasingly providing financial help for their children to buy a house, or invest for their future. The financial advisors at Harpur Wealth in Bedford work with clients to pass on wealth when it’s most needed.
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A personal pension is an opportunity to save for retirement in a tax efficient way. It can also be seen as the creation of a fund which allows you to realise the hopes and ambitions you’ve maybe waited a lifetime to fulfil.

Your pension contributions ensure you’ll receive tax relief as you save because the government co-contributes to the pension-pot you’re creating.


If you find that your personal pension won’t yield the returns to give you the retirement you desire, it’s possible to boost your pension by increasing your contributions or simply adjusting the date of your retirement.


The earliest you’ll be able to access your pension funds is when you’re 55, or later dependent on the pension scheme you’re paying into.

Financial Wealth Management Advice Bedford

Personal Pension Planning for Bedford Clients

Our pension strategies and advice are tailored to the circumstances and objectives of each client.

Advisors at Harpur Wealth Management take the time needed to get to know you. Understanding your retirement goals is essential to successful personal pension planning.


We develop a bespoke strategy to support you in the achievement of your long-term financial goals. Our financial advisors will explain how it is tailored to your requirements.


Circumstances and financial goals are always subject to change. Harpur Wealth clients are invited to regular review meetings to ensure your long-term strategy remains aligned to your goals.

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We create bespoke financial strategies tailored for you


Harpur Wealth Management have worked with clients in and around Bedford, including: Ampthill, Oakley, Clapham, Bromham, Elstow, Kempston, Wootton, Renhold, Cardington and Great Barford

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