Investment Review

Investment Review

Is it Time for an Investment Review?

Most investment portfolios are designed to achieve a specific purpose for business or personal investors. Your investments may be generating income for you, growing your business assets, or helping to create the finances to fund your retirement plans


Harpur Wealth Management recommends a regular investment review in order to check that the assets you have in place are on course to achieve their original goal. This offers us the opportunity to touch base with clients, find out whether their circumstances have changed in any way, and consider wider economic trends which may be impacting them.

The Economic Context

The Bank of England is forecasting an 0.25% contraction in the economy in 2023, rather than the 1.25% growth as it was predicting back in March 2022. This shift underlines the turbulence of the UK economy as it attempts to deal with the war in Ukraine, rising interest rates, rising inflation and unprecedented oil and gas prices.


What does all this mean for our investors? As with all our wealth management services, the investment strategies we develop for clients are created in response to personalised future outcomes. An investment review allows our wealth management advisors look beyond the short term in order to consider the long-term impact of world events on your investment portfolio.


Changes in Personal Circumstances

Whilst world events can have an impact on your investments, we also like to check in regularly on any changes to your personal circumstances. The life and business events most likely to impact your investments are:


  • Expanding or diversifying your business.
  • An unexpected health concern, or diagnosis.
  • Loss of income, due to redundancy, for example.
  • Plans to start a family or add to your existing family.
  • Changes in the way your business operates.

Working alongside a wealth manager ensures that your investments flex to align with new requirements you may have, or ambitions you wish to finance. Regular reviews allow Harpur Wealth to work collaboratively with clients. Ideally your investment portfolio is like a finely tuned instrument which is regularly checked and tweaked in order that it consistently returns the results you need.


Harpur Wealth Management Takes Care of Your Future

For most people the impact of high inflation is felt day-to-day in their homes and businesses. Harpur Wealth offers clients the peace of mind that whilst they manage the present, we take good care of the future. Our advisors consider long-term trends and calculate future spending whilst taking those trends into account. We will, for example, keep an eye on what your adjusted retirement income will need to be, and suggest any re-alignments required in order to cover it.

Would You Like to Review Your Future Finances?

If you haven’t had an investment review in a while, Harpur Wealth Management can help. If you are a new client, we will take time to understand your business, or individual goals, before offering any advice on your investment strategy. All our existing clients are offered investment reviews regularly, and as a matter of course.

The Harpur Wealth team provides professional expertise and a bespoke service, with the aim of setting and achieving long-term financial goals for you, your family, or your business.

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This article is for information only and must not be considered as financial advice. We always recommend that you seek independent financial advice before making any financial decisions.


The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount invested.


‘The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation advice’

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