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More and more families are planning ways to share their legacy with loved ones throughout their lives. As families become more complex, and the wealth gap between generations gets bigger, it makes sense to find ways to pass on your wealth when it’s needed most. Bedford based Harpur Wealth Management offers specialist help with intergenerational wealth planning.

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Worried about the inheritance tax your family may face? Harpur Wealth Management advisors work with you to find a solution. We help you structure your estate, and use the creation of gifting funds to avoid large tax bills. Learn More

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There’s plenty of choice when it comes to pensions, but which one is right for you? Harpur Wealth Management advisors have an expert understanding of the current offering and will help you to make an appropriate selection. Learn More
Estate Planning

It’s natural to want to ensure that your family can make the most of the wealth you pass on to them in the form of a legacy. Estate planning ensures that your wishes are carried out and that your family are well provided for. Learn More

Retirement Planning

Whatever plans you have for your retirement, Harpur Wealth financial advisors can help to make sure you achieve them. Whatever your current assets, we’ll work with you to create a plan to get you to your desired goal. Learn More

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Managing intergeneration wealth allows families to think about how they can use their collective assets to provide support across the generations.


Increased life expectancy, and diverse family arrangements, means that the traditional idea of providing a legacy in the event of a death, no longer works effectively. Intergenerational wealth planning helps families to think creatively about how they can work collaboratively across a lifetime.


Harpur Wealth advises on strategies to ensure that your wealth can do all you want it to, throughout your life. These include intergenerational insurance cover, estate planning in order to minimise IHT, and investment plans to help your children achieve their goals.

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Intergenerational Wealth Planning for Bedford Clients

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Our best work is done when we’re able to take the time we need to listen carefully to what our clients tell us. Everyone’s family circumstance is different and at Harpur Wealth Management we believe in bespoke solutions for each client.


Harpur Wealth Management advisors tailor intergenerational wealth planning to the age, existing assets and range of support clients wish to offer their family. You will receive a detailed commentary explaining how your strategy is linked to the achievement of your goals.


It is impossible to eradicate risk from our lives. What we can do is design strategies that adapt easily when the unexpected occurs. We have regular review meetings with clients. These provide the opportunity to discuss any changes, so we can help by adapting your strategy to fit.

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Harpur Wealth Management have worked with clients throughout Bedfordshire, including: Bedford, Luton, Clapham, Biggleswade, Dunstable, Clapham, Kempston, Woburn, Sandy and Leighton Buzzard

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